Friday, November 30, 2012

How to Blog for Money

There comes a time when just about everyone ponders how to blog for money. Here at Entrepreneur Maker, we have talked about many ways of earning money- from How to Win in Horse Racing to how to improve the business you are currently running to increase profits. Now its time to learn how to blog for money!

Its not as easy and glamorous as it sounds. Of course what business is?

The most important thing is one must write posts every day and gain traffic. The learning of blogging comes slowly just as in any job you may have had. You may start out with a reasonable amount of knowledge, but once you actually put your hands on it, numerous details of how to improve the job and avoid pitfalls will be discovered. Blogging will be no different from any other job or business that you may have had, but one thing I can suggest to speed up the learning curve is that as a new blogger you should most definitely join a writing site. A site such as Hubpages, Infobarrel, or Zujava. I would even recommend joining all three of these, but if it sounds too overwhelming right now, at least join one of them. It you were to only join one, it should be Hubpages.

The reason for this is, you will be linked to a site with thousands of other bloggers who are there for support. You will write an article on Hubpages, and after you publish it, there will usually be at least one other Hub writer who will make a comment on your article. This interaction will train you what works and what does not. Also, if you have a question about blogging in general, you may go to your profile, just like you would on Facebook and ask a status question such as, "I have been on this site for two weeks and my traffic is slow, what can I do to increase my traffic." You will receive many helpful responses within minutes.

Another good reason to have other writing sits is that you can write something on infobarrel and make a link that leads people to your blog. IF you are connected to infobarrel, Zujava, and Hubpages, you can use all three to point to your blog. This will give your blog a lot more credibility with Google and will give you a higher ranking. External backlinks pointing to your blog articles are the key to blog success.

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