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How To Make Money; Real Estate Investing and Online Business



           How To Make Money in the 21st Century

    There are always ways of getting ahead. Having a job is not one of them. The way for working class people to get out of their financial struggles is to start a business and make investments. The same way that the rich always have. Jobs, no matter how well paying, simply maintain a status quo, and create a false sense of security.

    Investing in real estate has always been a vehicle for the average "Joe" to create a nest egg, however, with the domination of the Internet in every aspect of our lives, making money with an online business has become one of the simplest ways of supplementing one's income, or allowing one to quit their day job.
With time and practice, it can be easy to make money online, and a lot less stressful than any other job you have held.

            Real Estate Formula Of How To Be Financially Independent

      It has been said that The key of Accumulating Wealth is Real Estate Property Investments .

    Indeed, one of the great ways for the average person with little or no education to become a millionaire is by purchasing real estate. Every citizen should fight the politicians attempts to overtax, and tag the real estate investor. One of the differences between America and other countries is the way real estate is handled. Every American citizen has the full opportunity of becoming a millionaire through real estate.

  • Phase I- Purchase a property in a good location at the right time
  • Phase II- Wait 2 years for appreciation
  • Phase III-Refinance (or sell and do a 1031 tax deferred exchange)
  • Phase IV-Purchase 1 more property
  • Phase V-Do this every one to tow years for 10 years and you will easily own one Million dollars in Property

        What Type of Property to Look for When  Starting out

     When making an investment in real estate, do not look for your dream home right away.
The general rule that works very well is to find the worst house in a block or worst condominium in a project, that needs the most fixing in a particular area. If it is in a nice area, then you generally have a much greater chance of appreciation. Select a good area and then find an extremely fine value (maybe needs some fixing, or it's just an awfully good deal, like a foreclosure) then you are probably going to get automatic appreciation in the future.

    If for example you are in a condominium complex and you find a particular unit that is in very bad shape, you may be able to purchase it for a very low price.

    If you are interested in flipping property, the strategy is the same. Find the worst house in the best neighborhood. Perhaps the house has been broken into or the lawn has grown up, or it hasn't been painted. Basically, it looks bad, but its only cosmetic. Then if you can buy it right and fix it up for a decent price, you are going to get really good appreciation. Also, if you can bring it up to the standards of the neighborhood, you will do very well.

                    Characteristics of a Good Investment 


  • The worst house in a trendy area
  • 2-3 bedrooms with a den; 2 baths or enough space to easily add them.
  • Wood burning fireplace
  • Large kitchen with appliances.
  • Attics which can be converted into a gym.
  • Place for washer and dryer
  • Free from traffic noise
  • Convenient to jobs.
  • Good rental area



     There are some advantages to buying property with orchards on them because orchards can be depreciated and you will have some income off the fruit. So, this is one way to own land and cover your expenses. Another thing you could do is to take the land and turn it into a short-term business like an orchard, tree farm, mobile home park, golf course, dog kennel, ect. These businesses could be sold off when the property eventually appreciates.

                                     Online Business

     There are numerous online business opportunities to look into. Here is a list of some ways that thousands of people have literally made millions doing. Its a matter of finding what works for you.

  • Self-Publishing Business
  • Online Writing
  • Develop and sell a product online
  • Start a blog marketed to niche audiences
  • eBay business
  • Amazon Affiliate
  • Writing eBooks
  • Youtube Marketing

Click Here for-  How to Make Money Online from Home


How To Make a Lot of Money Online Easily; WebAnswers

    WebAnswers is a question and answer platform. The way it works is, if you have a question such as "what are natural alternatives for high blood pressure", you will probably go to Google and type in "Natural remedies for high blood pressure," and very possibly you will see within your top 10 results, something from webAnswers giving you a detailed list of what to use for high blood pressure.
    Basically any question that you have will already have some answers posted on WebAnswers.
    The site will pop up in Google searches for those who are web searching and need to know something, but you may also join the site and make money by asking and answering questions.
    WebAnswers pays its users for asking and answering questions. It is free to join, and extremely easy to use. I started writing here at Hubpages two months before joining WebAnswers, and found that I was actually making more money with WebAnswers. Hubpages eventually becomes more lucrative, but its very nice having a site that pays while waiting for articles on Hubpages to mature.

    This is a great time to join WebAnswers and start making easy money because the platform is still in the "beta" stage, meaning that they are encouraging people to join and ask questions. It is very easy to make money by asking questions. Easier than answering them. Because of this, the site will require that you answer a few questions before you start asking them. You kind of have to prove yourself before they let you make money by asking questions, but once you have passed the required number of responses, (between 10 and 50) you are free to ask away.
    I no longer ask Google questions. Now when I want to know something I go to WebAnswers and make money for asking it. The question is usually answered very quickly.
    Another great reason to join this site is to become accepted by AdSense. Many would be bloggers or writers for Hubpages give up because they sign up for AdSense and are rejected. From what I have heard it is not easy to be accepted after being rejected. After simply answering the quota of required answers, new members who have done a reasonable job of answering questions are accepted by AdSense. This is the simplest method that I know of to be accepted by AdSense. Some users have said that after answering just ten questions, AdSense sent them an invite. That won't happen on Hubpages or with a personal blog.

                              Join WebAnswers

    WebAnswers is actually fun and rather addictive. Which is great, because its not very often that we can have fun and make money at the same time.
When another user on this site asks a question, they will award the best answer to someone. If you are the one who receives the reward, you get all of the revenue that the ads attached to that question generate. Very generous.

    You also get a cut from un-awarded questions that you answer. Overall, I was surprised how much more money I had in my AdSense account after just one month with WebAnswers. It is truly the easiest, and quickest way of earning decent money online that I have found.
You also get revenue from questions you post until you award them. But you should remember to actually award them at some point, since that is what the site is all about. The more responses for a question means more revenue shared.
    WebAnswers has a good page ranking. Slightly under 10,000, which is extremely good considering that they are still very new.

To join WebAnswers Start Here

To join Hubpages Click Here.

Extra Money Income with Internet

    As an entrepreneur, I am sure that you want to make extra money with the internet as your tool. This is a great idea because with the improvements in technology over the past ten years it is easier than ever to make extra money online.

    Some people actually make millions online with the internet.
Weather you wish to become a six figure blogger, or find a niche on ebay, internet is full of new ways to make extra money.

    If you are new to earning money line, and are just interested in getting your feet wet and make some extra money, survey sites are a great place to start. There is noting overwhelming or intimidating about them. You simply sign up, and start taking surveys and doing minor tasks that will eventually add up to a $20 or $30 payout. The survey sits will mail you a check when the payout threshold is reached, and they are extremely prompt about paying out. The two that I have experimented, and have found to be reputable are Inboxdollars and Cash Crate. Here are some articles that goes into some detail about these survey sites.

How To Make Money Online From Home

Best Ways To Make Money Online

    One thing to keep in mind when joining these survey sits is that creating a special e-mail with Yahoo or Google is a good idea. This is because they tend to send out a lot of emails that you may not be interested in, or follow ups that you would rather not have mixed up with your personal emails. If you have already started an account with your private email, it is not a problem to change it without your private email now being bombarded. The great thing about these sits is that they are professional and respectful. I wanted to write about making money online and made it a point to join every type of online income site available and was pleased to find that there are quite a few reputable ones that are probably more upfront that many employers out there.

    If you are one of the gung ho hopefuls who is determined to earn six figures online, I am here to cheer you on. I find it interesting, fun, and extremely exciting to earn large sums of money online. Some advice I give all entrepreneurs is to always read books about how to be all you can be in business. This is one of the ways you can always keep yourself fresh, and avoid puttering out. One of my greatest inspirations is reading about the Greatest Entrepreneurs; John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and J. Paul Getty. 
     These men are inspiring, and impressive, and they always leave me feeling like I can accomplish anything. 

    This is a good article if you are stumped as to what to read to energize your money making abilities. Just click- The Best Motivational Books to Turn Your Life Around.

    One site I will mention here is Hubpages. The reason I bring this up is because of the potential to make a lot of money in a relatively short period of time. It does take some time and a willingness to write articles. If writing is not your thing than Hubpages is definitely out for you. But, if you are truly determined to earn big bucks online, after simply earning extra money, than Hupgaes is a must. The reason I am preaching here about it is because they have the "Ad Program" attached to their site. Why is that a big deal? Because the Ad Program is the best money making program online, that's why. 

    The only way you will have such simple access to such a simple way of earning money online is by joining Hubpages. The Ad Program pays for impressions rather than clicks, which means your income will probably be more than double what it would be on any other site.  

    WebAnswers is to the question answer sites what Hubpages is to the writing sites. There are a lot of people on WebAnswers making hundreds of dollars per month by simply answering questions. This site will also pay for questions asked too. I recommend this site to everyone. It is the easiest way to make the most amount of money online that I have found. I have come across Hubpage writers who earn $4,000 per month, but that is after a lot of time and effort. Webanswers users are not working hard at all, and earning decent money from AdSense. Which reminds me..

    If you want to make extra money with the internet, you really need to sign with AdSense. Being accepted by AdSense is not easy, but I have discovered that joining WebAnswers is the easiest way of becoming accepted by Google's AdSense.

    Keep in mind though. When joining WebAnswers you are on probation for approximately 50 questions. Be on your best behavior. Do not use bad grammar, or write just a few words to get the probation over with. During the 50 question probation you will be watched, and if you are civilized and making an effort to bring something to the community then you will be accepted by AdSense. 

That is a big deal in the earning a living online community. Always respect your AdSense account.

To join WebAnswers  Start Here.

    Of Course blogging is a way to earn money, but it takes a very long time and most people do not have the time or the patience to work a blog until it is earning extra money, and then finally, earning six figures. This is why starting with Hubpages, Infobarrel, and bukisa, are a great way to get some money coming in while you learn the art of blogging. If you were to join the three sites I just listed and link articles together from these tree sites, you will have significantly more traffic and therefore more money, than you would if you were to just work an independent blog. After tinkering with these sites you will know if you want to start a blog of your own, and if you do, you will be earning a passive income from these sites while you start your blog.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Best Sites For Making Easy Money Online

The single best site to make quick easy money online is Hubpages. No other online writing site comes close to the earning potential that Hubpages has for beginning writers, and novice online entrepreneurs, however, the best way to maximize online earning potential is to have at least two of these sites and link the articles together. It is also always a smart move to diversify. The other sites that can be productive are Infobarrel, and Yahoo Contributor. The benefit with Yahoo Contributor offers some upfront payments as well as royalties, which some writers prefer. Infobarrel is a site that many compare with Hubpages as far as earning potential.

WebAnswers is probably the easiest way to make the most money in a short period of time. It is in the "beta" stage which makes it great for new sign ups because they are doing all they can to make the site attractive. For people who have not attempted any form of money making online in the past, this is the  best place to start. It is easy to learn, and provides enough easy reward to keep up enthusiasm, and determination.