Monday, August 6, 2012

How To Make a Lot of Money Online Easily; WebAnswers

    WebAnswers is a question and answer platform. The way it works is, if you have a question such as "what are natural alternatives for high blood pressure", you will probably go to Google and type in "Natural remedies for high blood pressure," and very possibly you will see within your top 10 results, something from webAnswers giving you a detailed list of what to use for high blood pressure.
    Basically any question that you have will already have some answers posted on WebAnswers.
    The site will pop up in Google searches for those who are web searching and need to know something, but you may also join the site and make money by asking and answering questions.
    WebAnswers pays its users for asking and answering questions. It is free to join, and extremely easy to use. I started writing here at Hubpages two months before joining WebAnswers, and found that I was actually making more money with WebAnswers. Hubpages eventually becomes more lucrative, but its very nice having a site that pays while waiting for articles on Hubpages to mature.

    This is a great time to join WebAnswers and start making easy money because the platform is still in the "beta" stage, meaning that they are encouraging people to join and ask questions. It is very easy to make money by asking questions. Easier than answering them. Because of this, the site will require that you answer a few questions before you start asking them. You kind of have to prove yourself before they let you make money by asking questions, but once you have passed the required number of responses, (between 10 and 50) you are free to ask away.
    I no longer ask Google questions. Now when I want to know something I go to WebAnswers and make money for asking it. The question is usually answered very quickly.
    Another great reason to join this site is to become accepted by AdSense. Many would be bloggers or writers for Hubpages give up because they sign up for AdSense and are rejected. From what I have heard it is not easy to be accepted after being rejected. After simply answering the quota of required answers, new members who have done a reasonable job of answering questions are accepted by AdSense. This is the simplest method that I know of to be accepted by AdSense. Some users have said that after answering just ten questions, AdSense sent them an invite. That won't happen on Hubpages or with a personal blog.

                              Join WebAnswers

    WebAnswers is actually fun and rather addictive. Which is great, because its not very often that we can have fun and make money at the same time.
When another user on this site asks a question, they will award the best answer to someone. If you are the one who receives the reward, you get all of the revenue that the ads attached to that question generate. Very generous.

    You also get a cut from un-awarded questions that you answer. Overall, I was surprised how much more money I had in my AdSense account after just one month with WebAnswers. It is truly the easiest, and quickest way of earning decent money online that I have found.
You also get revenue from questions you post until you award them. But you should remember to actually award them at some point, since that is what the site is all about. The more responses for a question means more revenue shared.
    WebAnswers has a good page ranking. Slightly under 10,000, which is extremely good considering that they are still very new.

To join WebAnswers Start Here

To join Hubpages Click Here.

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