Friday, November 30, 2012

How to Blog for Money

There comes a time when just about everyone ponders how to blog for money. Here at Entrepreneur Maker, we have talked about many ways of earning money- from How to Win in Horse Racing to how to improve the business you are currently running to increase profits. Now its time to learn how to blog for money!

Its not as easy and glamorous as it sounds. Of course what business is?

The most important thing is one must write posts every day and gain traffic. The learning of blogging comes slowly just as in any job you may have had. You may start out with a reasonable amount of knowledge, but once you actually put your hands on it, numerous details of how to improve the job and avoid pitfalls will be discovered. Blogging will be no different from any other job or business that you may have had, but one thing I can suggest to speed up the learning curve is that as a new blogger you should most definitely join a writing site. A site such as Hubpages, Infobarrel, or Zujava. I would even recommend joining all three of these, but if it sounds too overwhelming right now, at least join one of them. It you were to only join one, it should be Hubpages.

The reason for this is, you will be linked to a site with thousands of other bloggers who are there for support. You will write an article on Hubpages, and after you publish it, there will usually be at least one other Hub writer who will make a comment on your article. This interaction will train you what works and what does not. Also, if you have a question about blogging in general, you may go to your profile, just like you would on Facebook and ask a status question such as, "I have been on this site for two weeks and my traffic is slow, what can I do to increase my traffic." You will receive many helpful responses within minutes.

Another good reason to have other writing sits is that you can write something on infobarrel and make a link that leads people to your blog. IF you are connected to infobarrel, Zujava, and Hubpages, you can use all three to point to your blog. This will give your blog a lot more credibility with Google and will give you a higher ranking. External backlinks pointing to your blog articles are the key to blog success.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

How to win in Horse Racing

When I entered the field of helping others become self made millionaires, I never would have guessed that I would actually write about this subject. But, I see that it is a legitimate way of making a lot of money in a rather short period of time I will have to address it.

Years ago my brother told me that he came up with a system to make money at the track. He lived five minutes away from Del Mar Race Track in California and decided to come up with a system to supplement his income. Naturally, I thought it was foolish and did not think much of it until he began winning, and winning and winning.

I went to the track with him a few times and noticed the tellers putting their heads together when my brother showed up. They whispered, "watch this guy, he wins." I thought it was like a miracle. How could anyone actually consistently win when I had always heard that gambling is a losing game?

If you have intentions of winning money at the track, you really should know the history of every horse, jockey, trainer and owner. Besides all that, you should have a good mathematical mind. It's not easy. But I have heard several "professional" gamblers putting as much studying into their racing forms as law students put into trying to pass the bar.

My brother did not study as intensely as the typical high roller, he just lightly studied the racing form to get a "feel" for the overall picture. He made bets that followed a pattern such as, choosing the second favorite and betting it to show. This was the 'numbers game" he played. He had to often risk a lot of money in order to get a little, similar to what day traders go through. With seeing my brothers success I read some of Mike Goodman's advice that backed up my brothers gambling pattern.

If you are ready to get interested in working the horse racing game, do not ignore the Daily Double.

The Daily Double is an attractive mathematical presentation designed by race tracks to relieve the fan of more money by its sheer munificence. The impressive pay-offs compared to the normal mutual win on one horse is magnetic indeed.

To bet the Daily Double you must be armed for it. So take the following ammunition to wrap up in an old Racing form.

      On October 5, 1960, Shapter Rebel won the first race by a half length at Hollywood Park and paid $3.20. Town Byrd won the second race by a length and paid $10.40. Had you parlayed the two winners you would have won 16.60, but had you played those same two horses in the Daily Double your payoff would have been $38.00. That's why the Daily double is so popular.

Ninety percent of the time the Daily double gives you a better payoff than a straight parlay. That's why any method of play that concentrates on beating the Daily Double is very valuable. For example, the best handicappers among the regulars at Del mar buy a $2 ticket on the favorite in the first race, and with every horse in the second race. If there are ten horses entered in the second it costs them $20. Average payoff is $50. As you know favorites score in a little less than half of all races, so the boys cash in about 1 in every two days using this system. It negates the gambler's lament "Daily Double, Full of Trouble."

Starting from that basis I have several refinements on the above that ease the tension somewhat and also add pennies to the piggy bank.

First, I'd rather play the favorite in the second race because the first race usually consists of un tried horses and the form is poor. That means I play all the horses in the first race to the favorite in the second. If a good long-shot wins in the first race I'm really riding high. But to refine even further. In a first race there are always a few long shots that do not stand a chance of coming in. They are just running for the exercise. You need only look at the form and the odds to know this is true. By skipping them, you have less of an investment and just as good a chance of collecting.

Statistics and form tough are quite deceptive and you must make allowances for that. Many automobile clubs will tell you that there are more pedestrians killed crossing with the green light than on the red light. But they don't tell you that there are hundreds more times people crossing with the lights so your percentage is better crossing with the light.

So, it is with favorites. Sometimes the most heavily bet horse isn't really the favorite. I like the second favorites very often because the overlay is greater-they have overnight odds of 8-5 and end up 3 or 4 to 1. All this because the sheeple bet too much on a favorite because of the jockey, handicappers, or maybe even the color of the horse. When figuring the Daily Double it is always wise to examine the second favorite before plunging on the favorite.

Many of the gamblers who migrate with the stables from track to track look upon Daily doubles as bread and butter money even though the IRS put a cramp in their operations by ruling that "pool" winners of over $600 must give their names and address to officials. With Uncle Sam ready to share in their big winnings but disinterested in their losses, gamblers are reluctant to bet a lot on the Daily double unless they can "spread" their bets among syndicate members.

It is entirely doable. After reading and keeping your mind on the right path towards your money education, you will begin to see your friends make major financial blunders, the kind you used to make, and because they have not read and learned what you have, you will not be able to talk them out of their problems. You will hear them say, "why don't they tax Donald Trump more, so that I won't have to pay so much for gas," and "those people are lucky because they were born rich." You will think to yourself that Donald Trump is rich because he geared his life for it. He studied Real Estate while his friends were having a Keg party, and attacking him will never put sense into the heads of those who can't manage their finances. You will then say, most "rich" people work hard and live a disciplined life, that his how they stay rich, and your friends won't understand or want to understand.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Google Update and Hubpages, Slow Recovery

So, I was moving along well in my quest to making a living online by using Hubpages when all of a sudden a major Google update hit and I lost all of my traffic.

Without trying to explain Penquin and and Panda, and algorithms, which I barely understand, I will just tell you that I started Hubpages with the goal of achieving at least $50 per month as quickly as possible, with the ultimate goal of earning several thousand per month like the successful hubbers are making. I was doing well for a beginner. I cranked out more than 100 articles in three months and was working on writing constantly. Finally, I could breath because I reached payout. Payout is $50. If you don't reach payout by the end of the month it rolls over to the next month and so on.

So, I was on my way because I was earning over $50 and moving up to $60. When the Google update hit my views dropped to less than 1/3 of what they had been. I was starting from scratch.

The experience has been disheartening and frustrating to say the least. For the past six weeks I have been pondering what to do. This is important to me because I don't have a job and don't want one. My goal was to earn enough money passively so that I can concentrate on writing a book. I have spent very little time writing my book because all my free time has been devoted to writing for Hubpages, only to have my progress flattened by the Google update.

I am pleased to say that I discovered Zujava. I have hope for this site because although it is new, and I have heard very little about it, I joined in effort to build backlinks to my Hubpages. My desperate hope was that linking articles from Zujava to Hubpages would boost my Hubpages back to life. I did not expect to see any life out of the Zujava pages themselves.

One of my Hubages articles was about having a disfigured face and having plastic surgery to restore one's appearance. This is the article- Disfigured Face, Facial Surgery, and Starting Over. 

I decided to write an article on the same subject on Zujava and link it to my Hubpages. The Hubpages was lost in Google hell somewhere. I went to the Google search bar and typed keywords in to see if it would come up and when it never did, I searched through all the pages and it was deeper than pages 20, so I gave up.

I went to Zujava and wrote an article called, Plastic Surgery Disasters & Reconstructive Miracles.,
One week after publishing the article on Zujava I went back to Google to see if my Hubpages article was showing up with keywords like, "Disfigured face", and "disfigured model." I still could not find my Hubpage coming up, even though I linked by Zujava article to it, but I found my Zujava article on page two of Google. This tells me that Hubpages lost a lot of their Google juice, and even a new site like, Zujava is doing better with Google than they are. 

I will now continue to write for Zujava and provide updates. Honestly, having a new article show up with Google on page two or three within two weeks is pretty good.

To begin writing for Zujava CLICK HERE. 

I advise you to join quickly because I believe that because its a new site you can easily be the big fish in the little pond. The owners of the site are constantly posting things and helping writers out. Also, they have a system for beginners that does not allow you to publish at will until you have three articles submitted. After they see that you are writing relatively well and you are not a spammer, they let you publish at will. So, to get the awkward beginning over with , I wrote three articles in one day and submitted them. They easily passed the inspection and I am experiencing a new hope at this site.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Hubpages Experience. How to Make the Most of your Articles

Now that I have been on Hubpages for a few months, I am earning a minimum of $30 per month. It is so true what all the writers are saying. Just keep posting articles and they money will steadily grow each month.
If you are not a part of Hubpages yet, I strongly encourages you to join and start making a passive income each month. I have talked to many people on Hubages who are earning between $1000-$4000, after publishing articles on a regular basis. 

To join Hubpages click here.

I am also a part of Webanswers. I use this as kind of a backup. When I am not in the mood to write articles I can earn easy money by answering questions on WebAnswes.

To join Webanswers click here.

Anyway, after knocking out over 100 articles in three months on Hubpages, I wanted to speed up my earning potential. After talking to the gurus at Hubpages I decided that writing at another site in effort to build back links to my "Hubs" would be the best, and quickest way to make more money on Hubpages.

What I did was I joined Wizzley and Zujava, and I write similar articles there. I do NOT copy in any way the articles I have on Hubpages, I simply write another quality article on the same subject on both of these sites and link them to my Hubs. I have seen my hubs that I have linked almost double in traffic in less than one month. The other plus is that I am earning money from both of those sites too. I guess you could say that I am bi-winning.

To join Zujava click here.

It can be addicting once you see the progress. I have a goal of writing at least three articles per day. Since I am depending on this being my full time income, I should be able to manage that.

I spend about two hours per day writing my book. If I can get Hubpages working for me, I will be able to publish my first book some times next year.

How to Make Money Without a Job

After working for my husband for almost twenty years I have no desire to get a job. I am divorced and starting over. The last thing I need is the stress of working side by side with a group of catty girls and trying to fit into a new office. I also realize that having a job does not result in success in any way. It can only maintain a status quo. I am tired of struggling with bills and never feeling happy with myself. I am determined to do something different now matter what it takes. This is my journey through playing it safe with a low paying 9 to 5 job and doing something creative for a living. I have always wanted to publish a book and even though I have bills rolling in at the moment I am going to try to do something online to make a few bucks until I can publish my book. I will make a schedule of what to do each day. I think I should spend about four hours per day working on my book and at least four hours doing something else that brings in money.

After searching the internet for what I can do to earn money online I decided to join Hubpages. I decided to join after talking to some people who are earning thousands of dollars per month on this particular site.

The way it works is -  average people join Hubpages and write articles about things they enjoy. It could be a story, a "how to", or an opinion article. Basically these articles are submitted online and when people who are searching the internet stumble upon your article and read it, you get paid a small amount of money for that particular view. The way it must be done to earn a lot of money per months is that you write a lot of articles of course. There are a lot of article writing sites on the internet and I decided that Hubpages is the best place to start because it seems to be the most successful writing site there is.

If you would like to join the Hubpages journey click here. 

One thing you need when you are a Hubpages writer is an AdSense account. AdSense is a little picky about letting just anyone join. So, my advice is that if you join Hubages, you should write at least three articles without signing up with AdSense. The reason for this is that AdSense likes to see how you write before accepting you.

I advise doing this rather than just signing up and being rejected and then trying again. Once they have rejected you, it is hard to get them to pay attention to you again.

To go at it another way. I also joined Webanswers. This was something a Hubages writer advised me to do. Webanswers is an easy way to earn a little money by simply asking or answering questions. When you join they put you on probation by having you answer 50 questions on the site. After they review how nicely you answered questions they set you up with AdSense and you are free to make money asking or answering questions.

So, now that I am set with Webanswers and Hubages, I am earning a small amount of money online. I am making far more from WebAnswers, but I know that after I have written a  lot of "Hubs", my money there will be a lot better.

To join WebAnswers Click Here.

My goal is to earn at least $50 per month. After I reach that goal, I will keep reaching. The thing I like about doing this is that the money is passive. The top earners I have seen on Hubages earn $4000 per month without doing anything. After they have created their work, it keeps generating approximately the same amount of income each month. I figure that once I am earning a few thousand on Hubpages, I will be able to devote more time to writing my book. It seems like the perfect way to have free time to focus on hobbies without having to have a job to make ends meet.

John D. Rockefeller

July 8 1839 . his life was focused on the betterment of the us economy the support of promising business and the elevation of the standard of living in America. his father taught as much as he could to his kids. excellent numbers and his first paycheck he made charitable donations to charities. in 1859 he set out the company that would soon become standard oil. Begining of a new era in American society. he build an oil refinery and bought out his partners positioning himself to take full advantage of the post war prosperity and a westward expansion that would be made possible by the growth of railroads and an oil fulled economy.
In 4 months of smart investing and improving company efficiency standard oil absorbed 22 of its 26 Cleveland competitors in what was known as The Cleveland massacre.
Rockefelller witheld 1877 shipments that resulted the railroad selling all of its oil interests to Standard Oil. Starting a price war that the railroad could not win. Pennsylvania Railroad
Politicians, and competitors. criticized Standard Oil for its powerful nature of the company. However, from the point of view of the public, and American economy. Standard Oil was progress. Rockefeller's method of undermining competitors was largely based on his ability to improve efficiency and cut prices,making oil available to all Americans.
Rockefeller made frequent donations to organizations using his accumulated wealth to re invest in the progress of America.
he dedicated his live to good business.


Best Entrepreneurs; John Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, J. Paul Getty