Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Hubpages Experience. How to Make the Most of your Articles

Now that I have been on Hubpages for a few months, I am earning a minimum of $30 per month. It is so true what all the writers are saying. Just keep posting articles and they money will steadily grow each month.
If you are not a part of Hubpages yet, I strongly encourages you to join and start making a passive income each month. I have talked to many people on Hubages who are earning between $1000-$4000, after publishing articles on a regular basis. 

To join Hubpages click here.

I am also a part of Webanswers. I use this as kind of a backup. When I am not in the mood to write articles I can earn easy money by answering questions on WebAnswes.

To join Webanswers click here.

Anyway, after knocking out over 100 articles in three months on Hubpages, I wanted to speed up my earning potential. After talking to the gurus at Hubpages I decided that writing at another site in effort to build back links to my "Hubs" would be the best, and quickest way to make more money on Hubpages.

What I did was I joined Wizzley and Zujava, and I write similar articles there. I do NOT copy in any way the articles I have on Hubpages, I simply write another quality article on the same subject on both of these sites and link them to my Hubs. I have seen my hubs that I have linked almost double in traffic in less than one month. The other plus is that I am earning money from both of those sites too. I guess you could say that I am bi-winning.

To join Zujava click here.

It can be addicting once you see the progress. I have a goal of writing at least three articles per day. Since I am depending on this being my full time income, I should be able to manage that.

I spend about two hours per day writing my book. If I can get Hubpages working for me, I will be able to publish my first book some times next year.

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