Sunday, November 4, 2012

Google Update and Hubpages, Slow Recovery

So, I was moving along well in my quest to making a living online by using Hubpages when all of a sudden a major Google update hit and I lost all of my traffic.

Without trying to explain Penquin and and Panda, and algorithms, which I barely understand, I will just tell you that I started Hubpages with the goal of achieving at least $50 per month as quickly as possible, with the ultimate goal of earning several thousand per month like the successful hubbers are making. I was doing well for a beginner. I cranked out more than 100 articles in three months and was working on writing constantly. Finally, I could breath because I reached payout. Payout is $50. If you don't reach payout by the end of the month it rolls over to the next month and so on.

So, I was on my way because I was earning over $50 and moving up to $60. When the Google update hit my views dropped to less than 1/3 of what they had been. I was starting from scratch.

The experience has been disheartening and frustrating to say the least. For the past six weeks I have been pondering what to do. This is important to me because I don't have a job and don't want one. My goal was to earn enough money passively so that I can concentrate on writing a book. I have spent very little time writing my book because all my free time has been devoted to writing for Hubpages, only to have my progress flattened by the Google update.

I am pleased to say that I discovered Zujava. I have hope for this site because although it is new, and I have heard very little about it, I joined in effort to build backlinks to my Hubpages. My desperate hope was that linking articles from Zujava to Hubpages would boost my Hubpages back to life. I did not expect to see any life out of the Zujava pages themselves.

One of my Hubages articles was about having a disfigured face and having plastic surgery to restore one's appearance. This is the article- Disfigured Face, Facial Surgery, and Starting Over. 

I decided to write an article on the same subject on Zujava and link it to my Hubpages. The Hubpages was lost in Google hell somewhere. I went to the Google search bar and typed keywords in to see if it would come up and when it never did, I searched through all the pages and it was deeper than pages 20, so I gave up.

I went to Zujava and wrote an article called, Plastic Surgery Disasters & Reconstructive Miracles.,
One week after publishing the article on Zujava I went back to Google to see if my Hubpages article was showing up with keywords like, "Disfigured face", and "disfigured model." I still could not find my Hubpage coming up, even though I linked by Zujava article to it, but I found my Zujava article on page two of Google. This tells me that Hubpages lost a lot of their Google juice, and even a new site like, Zujava is doing better with Google than they are. 

I will now continue to write for Zujava and provide updates. Honestly, having a new article show up with Google on page two or three within two weeks is pretty good.

To begin writing for Zujava CLICK HERE. 

I advise you to join quickly because I believe that because its a new site you can easily be the big fish in the little pond. The owners of the site are constantly posting things and helping writers out. Also, they have a system for beginners that does not allow you to publish at will until you have three articles submitted. After they see that you are writing relatively well and you are not a spammer, they let you publish at will. So, to get the awkward beginning over with , I wrote three articles in one day and submitted them. They easily passed the inspection and I am experiencing a new hope at this site.

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