Saturday, November 3, 2012

How to Make Money Without a Job

After working for my husband for almost twenty years I have no desire to get a job. I am divorced and starting over. The last thing I need is the stress of working side by side with a group of catty girls and trying to fit into a new office. I also realize that having a job does not result in success in any way. It can only maintain a status quo. I am tired of struggling with bills and never feeling happy with myself. I am determined to do something different now matter what it takes. This is my journey through playing it safe with a low paying 9 to 5 job and doing something creative for a living. I have always wanted to publish a book and even though I have bills rolling in at the moment I am going to try to do something online to make a few bucks until I can publish my book. I will make a schedule of what to do each day. I think I should spend about four hours per day working on my book and at least four hours doing something else that brings in money.

After searching the internet for what I can do to earn money online I decided to join Hubpages. I decided to join after talking to some people who are earning thousands of dollars per month on this particular site.

The way it works is -  average people join Hubpages and write articles about things they enjoy. It could be a story, a "how to", or an opinion article. Basically these articles are submitted online and when people who are searching the internet stumble upon your article and read it, you get paid a small amount of money for that particular view. The way it must be done to earn a lot of money per months is that you write a lot of articles of course. There are a lot of article writing sites on the internet and I decided that Hubpages is the best place to start because it seems to be the most successful writing site there is.

If you would like to join the Hubpages journey click here. 

One thing you need when you are a Hubpages writer is an AdSense account. AdSense is a little picky about letting just anyone join. So, my advice is that if you join Hubages, you should write at least three articles without signing up with AdSense. The reason for this is that AdSense likes to see how you write before accepting you.

I advise doing this rather than just signing up and being rejected and then trying again. Once they have rejected you, it is hard to get them to pay attention to you again.

To go at it another way. I also joined Webanswers. This was something a Hubages writer advised me to do. Webanswers is an easy way to earn a little money by simply asking or answering questions. When you join they put you on probation by having you answer 50 questions on the site. After they review how nicely you answered questions they set you up with AdSense and you are free to make money asking or answering questions.

So, now that I am set with Webanswers and Hubages, I am earning a small amount of money online. I am making far more from WebAnswers, but I know that after I have written a  lot of "Hubs", my money there will be a lot better.

To join WebAnswers Click Here.

My goal is to earn at least $50 per month. After I reach that goal, I will keep reaching. The thing I like about doing this is that the money is passive. The top earners I have seen on Hubages earn $4000 per month without doing anything. After they have created their work, it keeps generating approximately the same amount of income each month. I figure that once I am earning a few thousand on Hubpages, I will be able to devote more time to writing my book. It seems like the perfect way to have free time to focus on hobbies without having to have a job to make ends meet.

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