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Arnold Schwarzenegger, Workout King Turned Governor of California

Best Built Man in the World

Arnold Schwarzenegger was was born in Austria in 1947 and lived in a rather strict household. He possessed, even in his earliest years, a determination to become something big. Young Arnold had the same innate traits that young Donald Trump battled with in his youth. He contained his emotions, and struggled with a ferocity in his mind felt the need to do something grand and take control of his life. These are the true markings of an entrepreneur, but Arnold had an obstacle that Donald Trump need not worry about, but this problem was very much a part of Schwarzenegger's reality. 

The communist party which was formed in 1918 was gaining tremendous power in the 1940s. Its founders and supporters were a handful of leftist democrats who presented their position as a system for the working man; a plan to help the poor and to force the rich to tow the line. Under such pretence the party was gaining wide favor in Europe and its consequences were staggering. 

Communism continued to grow and remained a world wide threat of personal freedom until U.S. President Ronald Reagan strategized a way to end the threat by hitting the USSR in its weakest point, its economy. By crippling its people Russia had no economy on which to stand and therefore when it was building endless deadly weapons in which to conquer freedom, the United States would keep topping it by building its own weapons until the USSR went bankrupt. At that time Ronald Reagan had proven the superiority of a free market system and conquered the threat of a nuclear war all in one fell swoop. But all this excitement happened in the 1980s, and Arnold was living in Austria in the 1950s, freedom was a long way and a long time away.

Countries such as Hungary were among the first to establish themselves under the stifling communist party as it had become the Hungarian Soviet Republic, the USSR was empowered by the murders of the Romanoffs, and the communist army had defeated Romania, while poor little Austria did not stand a fighting chance at freedom as they were ruled by social democrats. 

To a strong thinking young man such as Arnold, who did not dream of getting a military job that would merely keep him from becoming poor, but wanted to be free to live the life that he fancied and Schwarzenegger realized early on that the only way to ever think big and reap the rewards of being different and creative was to live in America, were onethis simply would not do. Arnold realized that in America one could buy a Cadillac and live in it if one chose, or one could do without a car and buy a house with his money; the sky could truly be the limit. Under the socialist system the average working man had to conform.

In Austria all the working class people had the exact same thing as one another and there was really no way out of the class in which one was born.

By Arnold's teenage years he felt trapped by the conformity of life and longed for more, and the way in which he challenged his need for greatness was by exercising. Bodybuilding was not regarded as a respectable sport in the 1950s and 60s, but due to the socialist democratic guidelines of life Schwarzenegger felt a rebellious desire to be doing just about anything and everything outside of the box to separate himself and his mind from becoming a democratic robot. He became so dedicated and eventually so well developed, that his father became proud of his sons' drive and determination. 

At the age of 20 Arnold became Mr. Universe, and his continued focus led him to move on to become Mr. Olympia for eight years in a row. This was no small feat due to the fact that many world class bodybuilders never achieve the Mr. Olympia title, even after years of giving it 100% dedication. 

Arnold knew that his physique would be his ticket to America, and his determination paid off. By the 1970s Arnold Schwarzenegger was winning the Mr. Olympia title every year. This effort, along with Arnold's extraordinary looks, attracted the attention of producers, leading to Schwarzenegger's appearance in Hercules in New York, and many guest appearances on sitcoms, talk shows and magazine interviews. Arnold was bridging his career from obscure bodybuilding champ, to celebrity. He knew he had to be patients, focused, and allow time to grow the seed.

Arnold was named in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most perfectly developed man in the world, in which his vital statistics were recorded as 22 inch biceps and chest of 58 inches of sold muscle.  This led to his biggest break when  in 1976 when he starred in the documentary drama, Pumping Iron. This was to be the movie that gave bodybuilding respectability and helped launch the name Arnold Schwarzenegger into the main stream of celebrities. He began making movies on a regular basis after that and he promptly retired from bodybuilding while remaining an icon of the workout world. 

After reaching celebrity status of the highest ranking in the 1980s when Arnold was riding high on the success of The Terminator, and various other film roles, Schwarzenegger became moved by the outstanding job that Ronald Reagan was doing during his presidency. Reagan came into office to face the worst economy since the 1930s, American hostages who were being held in Iran for three months, and the very serious threat of a nuclear war with Russia, only to quickly eliminate the hostage crisis by sending out a message to Iran after winning the election that things were going to be very different when he was in office, promptly resulting in the hostages being returned to America the day Reagan was inaugurated, proving his leadership which also pointed out the unsafe way in which Jimmy Carter had been weakly handling the crisis. He then made mince meat of the failing economy by giving all Americans a huge tax break, allowing them to pursue their interests with confidence.  Then by the end of his second term he had freed America of the threat of WWIII which soon led to the Berlin Wall being torn down by is newly free citizens.

Ronald Reagan was the Hercules of the free world, and although the negative attacks continued to pour in from the democrats, most Americans of the 1980s had 20/20 vision when it came right down to reality, and Arnold was in awe of a man who could maintain the freedom that he loved so much and chase away the stifling enemy that he himself had escaped. 

Arnold began to hope that someday he could be as great a man as President Ronald Reagan, and live with integrity, strength, and be instrumental in giving peace and freedom as Reagan had. Although Schwarzenegger married Maria Shriver, a woman who is connected to some of the most powerful democrats in the country, Arnold had lived through a lot of the realities that the democrats repeatedly try to put over on America and would never support the party that strangled his freedom as a youth, and murdered the Romanoffs. Maria Shriver and her family were not having to live under the restraints that their party was forever pushing, but he was not born into the wealth of the Kennedy family and could easily relate to being an immigrant who came to America to find a better life, and of being poor while dreaming of success.  He worked hard, and campaigned steadily to become governor of California, and true to Schwarzenegger's fashion, he achieved just that in 2003, while American hero Ronald Reagan suffered in his last year of life in his battle with Alzheimer's disease.

Schwarzenegger would have a hard lesson to learn this time around. The democrats controlled California, and there was little a governor could do to turn things around. Arnold was not well received by Republicans because he was governing like a democrat. He was not liked by democrats because he called himself a Republican, and therefore things were only slightly better in the stodgy state of California under his administration. All Califorians were pleased with his repealing the 200% increase in vehicle registration that the democrats were bent on, but when he signed a bill to legalize same sex marriage, he further alienated both parties again, as in 2004 traditional marriage was what the majority wanted. 

Arnold had accomplished just about everything he had set out to do, but becoming another Ronald Reagan in a sea of political opposition was just too tall an order. Schwarzenegger was then rocked personally when one of his live in staff came forward stating that she had a love child with the governor.

Arnold followed the example of the great president Ronald Reagan by not lying publicly when faced with opposition as Bill Clinton had, but coming out and telling the truth immediately. Although Reagan was faithful to his wife and did not have any sex scandals in his administration, he had liberals picking at his every move and when he himself believed that he had made a mistake, he did not cover it with any lies and tricky language, he simply told the truth, and Arnold took full and immediate responsibility for his actions.

These days Arnold is living a quiet life with his family and trying to make his family life his greatest achievement. Women's groups have snickered that Arnold had acted more like a Kennedy democrat than a Republican Reagan. They have pointed to his infidelities and his wife, Maria Shriver, true to the "Stepford Wife" democratic fashion, clinging to her man as Rose Kennedy did when Joe Kennedy had numerous affairs, and one notorious one with Gloria Swanson, and as Jackie Kennedy did when  democrat JFK made a fool of her by sleeping with everything under the sun. 

But Arnold will keep his sights set on what he wants to accomplish and will only find a way to profit on the negative publicity. He has written one tell all book about the Schwarzenegger scandal.

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